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Univex Botanica provides nurseries with information systems designed to revolutionise their business. Our sophisticated range of systems for managing wholesale and retail nurseries is a mark of our total commitment to the nursery industry, which is something that we pride ourselves on.
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Univex is known for producing systems with the latest in retail methodology, and Univex Botanica is no exception. The system manages many facets of your business automatically: stock management; cash control; even payroll. It includes a customer loyalty function, flexible system-controlled discounting, reporting and forecasting capabilities and fully integrated e-commerce options.
The system comprises a unique Encyclopaedia Botanica database that provides correct plant names and instantly produces barcodes and labels that specifically identify all stock in the nursery.
Our range now also includes a fully integrated propagation system developed by Infoservices of Lincoln. Incorporating the latest technological benefits, this Open Architecture system utilises Open Source FireBird database and offers Open Source Linux options, including a Linux based POS, alongside MS Windows.
True to our mission statement, we have created in Univex Botanica the best Nursery Information System available today. It will allow you to have your finger on the pulse of your business, and at the same time ensure a more efficient and pleasant experience is had by you, your staff and your clients. Allow Univex Botanica to revolutionise your business today!
To ensure our customers get the most out of their investment, we work with and recommend the services of Mr Bill Brett, of Bill Brett & Associates, and Garden Retail Success Ltd.
Bill Brett has 35 years industry experience, 12 of which were spent as a very successful retail consultant. Bill is a current director of the Garden Centre Group in Ireland, and a past President and Board Member of 12 years at NGIA (NZ). With 250 clients in Ireland, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, Bill is a renowned specialist in Business Management and Marketing.