Univex Botanica

the benefits

  • There are a multitude of benefits associated with the Univex Botanica system, for you, your employees and your customers:
  • Customers receive better and faster service, thanks to clear identification of products, and correct barcoding and pricing. They also receive the correct change, as well as clear documentation.
  • Employees are able to perform their tasks better and faster. Customer enquiries are easier to handle, sales are easy to record and cash is accounted for efficiently. Employees who are less stressed perform their tasks more effectively and are able to better respond to customers' needs.
  • Univex Botanica Botanica will save you precious time, and leave you feeling in control of your business. Because the Univex Botanica Software performs functions you would otherwise have to perform manually, you will have less to stress about and more time on your hands for other things. Cash and stock are under control, accounting tasks are automated - even payroll can be handled by the system.
  • After switching to Univex Botanica, nurseries improve their productivity as a result of the time-saving barcoding system and the easy-to-use Univex Botanica plant database. Good business methodology throughout ensures appropriate controls are in place to protect the business. This is definitely a case where technology is working for the business and not the other way around!
  • Internationally, Univex works with and recommends the services of Mr Bill Brett, of Bill Brett & Associates, and Garden Retail Success Ltd. Bill Brett has 35 years industry experience, 12 of which were spent as a very successful retail consultant. Bill has 250 clients in Ireland, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.