Univex Botanica

club botanica

On top of providing the best system to manage a nursery business, Univex Botanica offers a loyalty program that will give your business an edge over the competition.

Univex Discount Voucher

Properly managed loyalty programs can make a great difference to a business. The best programs create customers seemingly addicted to the benefits; customers who keep returning, even if they could buy something for a little less down the road.

An example of a Univex Botanica loyalty club voucher is shown on this page. It is not hard to imagine this voucher in a customer's wallet or on their fridge! This is the single most powerful reward a customer could get, and the single most powerful customer-magnet you could plant in their wallet. Acting as a constant reminder, it ensures the customer is forever coming back for another discount. A regularly visiting customer is preferable to one who is at home counting points!

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