Univex Botanica

Univex Communicator


This simple excel file contains the product information that is used in the Univex Communicator. It is stored in c:\Univex\Data.

There are a number of possible pieces of data that each product can have, the ones listed in bold are required. Each column holds a different type of data and each row contains all the information for a single product.

Screenshot of the products.xls file open in Excel

Group Description:
Used as the product subgroup within Univex Business.
Product Code:
Alpha-numeric code assigned to the product.
Product Name:
The product's name.
Common Name:
For use in nurseries, the common name of the plant.
Qty Available:
The quantity that you have available to be sold.
Qty Break 1:
The minimum purchase amount for this product, only zero is supported at this time.
Price Ex 1:
The price for the item, excluding GST.
Price Inc 1:
Automatically calculated with the formula =([G[row#] * 1.1).
Qty Break [n]:
A minimum purchase amount to receive the price defined by Price Ex/Inc [n].
Price Ex [n]:
The unit price for the item, if at least Qty Break [n] items are brought.
Price Inc [n]:
Automatically calculated from the Price Ex [n].
Label Barcode:
The products barcode, if any.
Retail Price:
Recommended retail price.
Product Notes
Catalogue description of the product.