Univex Botanica

Univex Communicator


The settings tab contains all the editable settings for the Univex Communicator; they will be configured to suit your needs by a Univex technician on installation. After changing any settings, please restart the application to make sure they are properly applied.

Screenshot of the Settings tab from Univex Communicator

Company Information:
Set the company name and ABN, or GST number for New Zealander.
Show Prices:
Set the total price of an order to be show including or excluding GST.
Default Invoice Due in:
Sets the default time that payment is requested for an invoice. Each invoice can be edited manually on the Send Invoice window before it is sent to the customer.
Security Key:
Information regarding copy protection for the Univex Communicator. This cannot be altered once it is entered.
The edit Email settings button will open a dialogue that allows the editing of email settings for the Univex Communicator to use to communicate with the customers. Below the "Edit Email Settings" button, there is a text box that contains a log of email activity undertaken by the Univex Communicator.

Near the bottom right of the window, there is a Restore Defaults button that will copy the factory default settings for the software back in to the program. The Save button records changes that are made, until the Save button is clicked, no settings changes will be applied to the program.

Edit Email Settings

The Edit Email Settings window contains all the technical settings for which email accounts the communicator will use.

Screenshot of the Edit Email Settings window

Incoming Email Settings

The hostname of the Incoming mail server, commonly mail.companyname.com
The port to access the mail server on, usually 110
User Name:
The username of the mail account that orders are received on, such as univexorders@compnyname.com
The password of the mail account that orders are received on
Check emails automatically:
Toggles whether the Univex Communicator will automatically check for new orders. A tick indicates that it will check automatically. The time between checks is configurable below.
Test Connection
Press to check to see if the Univex Communicator can read from the email server.

Outgoing Email Settings:

The hostname of the Outgoing mail server, commonly mail.companyname.com
The port to access the mail server on, usually 25.
User Name:
The username of the mail account that order confirmations and invoices are sent from, this should be set the same as the incoming server name.
The password for the mail account that emails sent from.
From Name:
The name you wish your emails to state as the sender, usually your company name.
From Email:
The reply-to email address you wish to state on the email.
Test Send to...
When clicked, the program will prompt you for an email address then attempt to send a test email to it, allowing you to confirm that your email settings are working.