Univex Botanica

encyclopaedia botanica

In creating an efficient nursery information system, Univex required an accurate and complete database of plants, as well as a barcoding system that would cope with all the requirements of a working nursery. It was decided by Univex that all existing databases had handicaps of one type or another, and that existing barcoding systems were severely deficient and could not cope with all of the requirements set by the Univex system.

As such, Univex decided to license the rights to the Encyclopaedia Botanica, compiled and illustrated by Frances Bodkin; as well as a number of additional data sources including a large database of cultivars, compiled by Russell Jackson.

An updated version of Encyclopaedia Botanica will shortly be published in CD form. It will contain Ms Bodkin's watercolour illustrations, as well as many photographs. Four volumes are envisaged, covering Natives and Exotics, Dangerous Plants of Australia, Medicinal Australian Native Plants, and the Encyclopaedia Botanica Park and Garden Companion, containing Russell Jacksons's database of cultivars.

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